David Pringle | About

I am first and foremost a father; a husband. I love music and art and am always trying to stay creative and open to learning. If I don’t create, I lose touch with my inner self… luckily there are many ways to create. I am a self-taught painter and I dabble in whatever medium I feel most in touch with; I am constantly rethinking how things are done around me.

I have had to accommodate my disabilities and relearn how I create. I have rheumatoid arthritis, which impairs my ability to hold a camera and a paintbrush. I was also in a car accident which left me with plenty of titanium in my foot and using power wheelchair. I am learning to come to terms with it and am actively finding ways to create regardless.

I was lucky enough to marry someone who is creative (musician and composer) and truly understands my need to be creative.

I spent nearly a decade working for a newspaper and magazine company in Florida as a photographer. I have won awards for my photo-illustrations and design work. I’ve already had my career of a lifetime, but I still love to create with my camera and my paint brushes. Now I get to do it for me—on my terms.

Picasso would be happy…. I never grew up.